Founder, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist and Piercer

Sainz, a mechanical engineer turned tattoo artist, was born and raised in North India and has a deep, lifelong passion for ink and tattooing. Sainz received an overwhelming response from clients while working as an independent tattoo artist.

Finally, his technical realism and love for tattoos led him to establish Tattoo Lore in 2020, which is a dream come true as he wants proliferation of this growing form of art around the world by his work. Sainz has also worked as a Business Manager for one of India’s top-ranking tattoo studio in the past.

With a talented team by his side, he aims to provide best-in-class work ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Apart from keeping the business running, he specializes in creating diverse form of tattoos such as realistic tattoos, lining, geometrical, and calligraphy work to name a few.