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Fine Line

Our team consists of experienced tattoo artists and body modification specialists well versed in their craft, ready to bring art to life.

A Progressive Body Art Studio

Where Art and Body Become One

We are one of the fastest-growing tattoo parlors in Canada, renowned for creating impeccable tattoos with a high level of precision using high-grade ink quality.

From realistic tattoo designs, neat calligraphy, and geometric designs to coverups and more, our ink specialists are more than capable of replicating designs of all sizes and complexity.

Our Inks and Piercing at a Glance

Take a look at our past works and discover what we can do for you.

Our 4-Steps Process to Bringing Art to Life

We take a 4-step approach to provide you with our services.

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Our Canada tattoo artists and body piercers are ready to get you inked or pierced the way you want. Schedule an appointment today!