Tattoo Artist

Tattoo lore Brampton: Ash

Ash Tattooist

My passion for body art and body shaping began when I was a personal fitness trainer. I loved helping people achieve their desired physical shape and enhance their confidence.

Later, I discovered tattooing as a cool and creative way to embrace and make the human body more attractive and beautiful. I decided to pursue a career in tattooing and got the opportunity to work at Tattoo Lore under the guidance of Sainz, a renowned tattoo artist.

Sainz helped me and supported me to follow my passion and hone my skills in tattooing.

I give my 100% in every tattoo I do to make my client satisfied and my mentor Sainz proud of the hard work and time he spent on me.

I enjoy and respect tattooing as an art form that allows me to sculpt and shape the human body with my skills and imagination.

Portfolio Images coming soon...