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Hi! I’m Sainz Founder, Tattoo Artist

“Blending art and authenticity”

Sainz, a mechanical engineer turned tattoo artist, was born and raised in North India and has a deep, lifelong passion for ink and tattooing. Sainz received an overwhelming response from clients while working as an independent tattoo artist.

Finally, his technical realism and love for tattoos led him to establish Tattoo Lore in 2020, which is a dream come true as he wants proliferation of this growing form of art around the world by his work. Sainz has also worked as a Business Manager for one of India’s top-ranking tattoo studio in the past.

With a talented team by his side, he aims to provide best-in-class work ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Apart from keeping the business running, he specializes in creating diverse form of tattoos such as realistic tattoos, lining, geometrical, and calligraphy work to name a few.

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Hi! I’m Simreen Tattoo Artist

“Tattooing is a contemporary, detail-oriented art that uses real skin as a canvas”

An Architect and Visual Artist hailing from Jammu & Kashmir in India, Simreen’s artistic nature and undying love for tattoos led him to pursue tattoo artistry as a profession. He strongly believes that tattooing is a rare, exciting form of art, and being a perfectionist himself his love for tattooing increased even further as there is little to no room for mistakes and it requires a high level of precision.

He specializes in creating abstract tattoo art, precise line work, and contemporary designs, among several other rare techniques. If you are looking to adorn your body with unique ink work that makes a statement, Simreen is the perfect tattoo artist for the job.


Hi! I’m Guri Dhami Tattoo Artist

“Bringing Technicalities and Aesthetics”

Born and bred in Punjab, for the North Indian Guri Dhami, tattoo artistry is a passion. With a background in Mechanical engineering, he brings a realistic and technical approach to the art of tattoo making. His inclination towards tattoo artistry steered him away from his career in engineering and led to his mastery of the craft.

Apart from the technicalities, his work is greatly inspired by right mind creative thinking and artistic visualization with the precision of his engineering touch.

Guri specializes in creating intricate calligraphy, patterns, Polynesian work, geometric patterns, and line work which he inks to the finest detail.